Explore the Natural Beauty & Culture of Sanibel Island, Florida

Although just a short drive from the mainland across the three-mile causeway, Sanibel Island, Florida treats visitors to an authentic tropical island experience that only feels like a million miles from everyday life. This inviting barrier island, just 12 miles long and five miles wide, is graced by year-round sunshine, balmy breezes and a refreshing, laid-back lifestyle. More than 60% of Sanibel Island is protected wildlife preserve, and its beaches are havens for nesting sea turtles among other unique marine life. Don't be surprised to catch sight of bottle-nose dolphins frolicking right offshore. As night falls, you will be captivated by magenta and orange-hued sunsets, and night skies studded with bright stars.

Along with its pristine beaches, Sanibel Island also showcases colorful shopping, fine dining and popular attractions just waiting to be explored. Visit the iconic Sanibel Island Lighthouse. View the spectacular migrating birds at J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge, part of the nation's largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystem. Kayak or golf to your heart's content, or stroll along sun swept beaches blanketed by exotic seashells. Because of the island's unusual East/West orientation, Sanibel is also famous for the abundance of beautiful shells and sea life that wash up on its shores.

Sunny Sanibel Island, Florida enjoys nearly perfect weather year-round with an annual average temperature of 75ยบ, and cooler summer evenings. All you need to pack are some casual clothes, a shady hat, and a bathing suit!

Popular Sanibel Island Attractions